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Ever notice how hot it gets inside a compost pile?

An inquisitive John Kimberlin did, and asked, "What if I could speed up the process by producing more heat?" He piled horse manure and sawdust on top of a couple of charcoal briquettes. Then he put a hair dryer to it and it burned hotter. He kept increasing the size of his experimental fires and found he could make it burn from the bottom up, inside out - increasing the heat - creating a tornado of fire, of energy contained within, like a forge.

The Result -

  • U.S. Patents #5839375, #6244196 and other U.S. & Foreign patents pending
  • Furnaces that burn biowaste with continuous output ranging from 250,000 - 750,000 BTU/hr
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Steam generation
  • Electricity generation
  • 11 moving parts
  • No secondary fuel
  • Nearly smokeless/odorless exhaust emissions
  • Safe, efficient and effective
  • The residual ash can be used as fertilizer
Insured, Licensed and Bonded