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What is Biowaste?

  • Animal and Poultry Wastes – Bedding and droppings.
  • Wood Fuels - Ground, chipped or shredded tree limbs, pallets, paper, cardboard, construction waste, sawdust, and such.
  • Agro Corn husks, corn stalks, cereal straws, crop residues,nut hulls, seed stalk waste, bean stubble, tobacco, yard waste, weeds, tomato, and harvest wastes.

Additional Facts

  • About 2.5 billion people - half of the earth's population - are virtually dependent on biomass for their cooking, heating, and lighting.

  • In the United States, biomass contributes about 4% of the primary energy (nearly as much as nuclear power).
  • When using animal dung, the ash-free energy value is higher than that of wood.

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