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How Much Can You Save?

Monthly comparison of fuels to produce approx. 500,000 BTU/hr


Fuel Type Monthly Cost 2006 500,000 BTU/hr. Monthly Cost 2008 500,000 BTU/hr. Annual Charge
Natural Gas $584.00 $0.08000 per therm $4,343.50 $0.59500 per therm $45,114.00
Liquid Propane $2,633.69 $0.3295 per gallon $5,391.28 $ 0.67450 per gallon $33,090.99
Electric $6,311.55 $0.0295 per kilowatt $8,606.17 $0.04023 per kilowatt $27,535.47
Biowaste $0.00 $0.000(no cost)* $0.00 $0.0000(no cost)* $0.00

US Energy Information Administration- Natural Gas Prices
US Energy Information Administration- Propane Prices
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All Business- US Energy Usage


Natures Furnace turns your biowaste problem into an energy production solution.


And the residual sterile pot ash can be spread or sold for fertilizing.

Because Nature's Furnace completely burns waste on-site, you save:

  • Waste Storage charges, Loading & Trucking expenses and Dumping fees.


  • Licensing, training and permit fees for transporting biowaste considered hazardous.


  • The cost and expense of application of chemicals and medications to control the weeds, parasites and bacteria that Natures Furnace eliminates.


  • The environment from contamination by no longer over spreading your waste.


A vicious ice storm in Des Moines, Iowa a few years ago, resulted in close to 500 dump trucks a day of dead tree limbs being burned in the open for 63 days. If all of this (biowaste) was used by a Nature's Furnace installation, the approximate power output would have produced enough electricity for a community of 10,000 for ONE YEAR!
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